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Пе-2: Пикирующий бомбардировщик

Petlyakov Pe-2

The Petlyakov Pe-2 (Russian: Петляков Пе-2, nicknamed Peshka (Пешка — «Pawn»; also a Russian diminutive for «little Pe») was a Soviet dive bomber aircraft used during World War II. It was regarded as one of the best ground attack aircraft of the war and it was extremely successful in the roles of heavy fighter, reconnaissance and night fighter. It was one of the most important aircraft of World War II, being in many respects similar to the British de Havilland Mosquito, though the Pe-2 was manufactured in greater numbers: 11400. It was fast, maneuverable and durable. Several Communist nations flew the type after the war, when it became known by the NATO reporting name Buck. Six captured Pe-2s were also transferred from the Germans to the Finnish Air Force during the Continuation War, with the serial code PE- and the unofficial nickname Pekka-Eemeli.

Беспрецедентная эпопея по поиску, обнаружению и извлечению на свет мотора от пикирующего бомбардировщика Пе-2, рассказанная в декабрьском номере «ПП4×4» за прошлый год, логически завершилась. Безусловно, увлекательно найти артефакт, связанный с войной, …
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