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Hp Pavilion G6 драйвера торрент

NEW VIDEO HERE: OSX 10.6.1 Snow Leopard on HP Pavilion laptop www.youtube.com OSX86 10.5 leopard running almost perfect on my brand new hp pavilion.I say almost perfect beacuase some keyw on the remote control dont have the same functions but no big deal really. ____________________________________ It’s nice seen Apple fanboys getting angry coz they spent a ridiculous amount of money on crappy hardware while we PC users enjoy their OS at half price www.neowin.net arstechnica.com www.engadget.com

 Retail installation of Snow Leopard using 10.6 Retail DVD {10A432 Gold Master} on HP pavilion laptop. Everything is recognized and working normally. Screen capture using Quicktime X showing how it works on my laptop coming soon… Guide here: www.mediafire.com Don’t you just love Apple fanboys getting angry coz they spent a ridiculous amount of money on crappy hardware while we PC users enjoy their OS at half price www.neowin.net arstechnica.com www.engadget.com PS: Sorry for the bad video quality but it was captured using a mobile phone.
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  1. darkestshadow21

    did you get it working?

  2. TeruMikami5432

    my hp pavillion dv6-3257cl just restart when i pop in the CD ._.

  3. dricker16

    i have an HP compaq nw 8000 and i’ve installed with mac os x 10.5.8 intel 38. after it installs it shows the apple screen with the loading circle and then just goes black. and does nothing

  4. darasovci25

    Will be work on HP Pavilion dv2?

  5. MegaTetsujin

    @TrustedMind i have a Toshiba Satellite C655D AMD ATHLON 2 P3402.20ghz 64 bit.. i haven’t been able to successfully install osx on it.

  6. Mizhkhavel

    i have a hp dv6 Pavilion core i7 with 8gb ram and 1tb memory with radeon graphic, can i install this in my pc?

  7. surjerrylee

    Is there a guide to do a clean install of Snow Leopard starting with Windows OS?

  8. jkhaksaar

    Hi i buy a new hp laptop by name of HP Pavilion DM4 core i5 with 6gb ram and 700gb Memory with intel graphic card can i install MAC Os x on this laptop or not please if possible guide me :)

  9. savanshahvids

    Does it have an AMD processor?

  10. gzasgzas

    can i do this with my HP Pavilion dv7-4296nr Entertainment ??? please help me

  11. jhsevs

    song name: 009 Sound System — Trinity Thumbs Up so everyone can see!

  12. darasovci25

    @darasovci25 Correction: name of song.

  13. darasovci25

    @j0a0a7 Turn on Shazam in your iPhone or Android phone. If you haven’t a Shazam download it on youriPhone or Android phone. If you haven’t a iPhone or Android phone too, PM me. I’ll be send the námestí od song.

  14. j0a0a7

    What’s the name of these song thanks

  15. 1195Sid

    Omfg omfg this is awesome!!

  16. tofum4n

    Dude You are the fucking king

  17. FireworkSalento

    Can you help me with kext? Please reply on gigilink@hotmail.it. Would be very grateful. Thanks.

  18. FireworkSalento

    I have Hp dv6693el ! Can you help me please? I would be very grateful. Thanks. My email is gigilink@hotmail.it .Reply please

  19. lalogamer

    hey , how can i use the laptop audio , keyboard , and mouse ? i use an external one but i want to use the laptop one

  20. XinksX

    Just a few quick questions:
    1. Will a regular mac OS recognize a touch screen laptop like a lenovo think pad? Or will it need a specific operating system like the ipad OS?
    2. I know that the Mac OS work with the Pentium 4, AMD, Core2 & i7 processors, with generally no problems (though Intel chips are recommended for better support) and there tend to be some issues with chipsets, but would I need any other hardware specifics like different cooling system or will the current hardware handle it ok?

  21. Thistime2010

    I have a DV6 my email is liveperformance@live.com email me how to make it run perfect i want it to be just like a mac I want to use it to record music and i cant afford a Mab c lol

  22. BruteStrength11

    @GFOnyx Hey Im trying to get my dv2915nr to run snow leopard. What disk should I use for the install? iPC 10.5.6?

  23. MrJ0mmy

    can i ask i have 2 1tb hdd on this pc can i still keep windows on one hdd and mac on other and go back to windows when needed ?

  24. LuisZunigaT

    What Pavilion it is?

    it is the dv6000 series???

  25. leonardofogo

    ay man… my pavilion looks just like yours… what processor have you got?

  26. 330Dizzy

    Is your HP a Pavilion dv9418ca?? and how is it for lag? I’d really like to know

  27. akiratrang2411

    Hi mildj84bg
    i have the Same Laptop HP ProBook 4530s but I cant find kexts for
    -Ati Radeon HD 6490M
    -Realtek RTL8188ce 802.11b/g/n wifi
    Please if you have the same Cards Help me by upload kexts
    thank you

  28. SickTechShow

    Did you have to enable AHCI, and how?

  29. YOUBOY635

    Buy a Mac people! this STUPID computer isn’t even fast enough to run Mac OSX!

  30. ricardovelden

    I got it, but fuck my laptop before

  31. Sampelmind81

    Hey!! thanks a lot for you Video….i would like to know if you need the ahcpi modus?i tried to installed snow leopard on my HP Pavilion g7 but it doesn`t boot.
    Can you give me a link to a guide which could help me?
    if it is possible i would like to have an dual boot menu for win7 an mac os x !!!
    thanks an have a nice day!

  32. blkckwhr

    Where did you get that screen saver in the background?

  33. TekTut0rials

    were you able to get sound working on this? If so also tell me your hardware specs on your HP laptop and if it can run 64bit if so I’ll just buy this laptop and load hackintosh on it it will be my little hackbook lol < - :P

  34. MrCarpediemx4

    ok im trying for almost a month to find a way to put snow leopard on my dv9690ev but i need to modify bios and advanced option is locked how did you modified it? PLEASE HELP..

  35. CenzGFX

    If i tried converting my HP Pavilion DV6 entertainment pc to mac os leapord this way would it work? i have the version with AMD 2.3ghz dual core processor and 4gb ram, would going through the mediafire instructions work for me?

    if anyone could reply it would be alot of help :) thanks

  36. AdamOnDemand

    Fabulous instruction, GFOnyx…. what brought me here is that you’ve succeeded on an HP Pavillion. I’m trying to install OSX as a dual boot w/Win7 on my HP dv9620us (AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-58, 4G ram, dual 120G SATA drives but no AHCI management on bios!). My current obstacle: I boot from the install DVD, and get the installation screen, but Disk Utility doesn’t see my disks (no less partitions) at all — only the back up external drive plugged in via USB. Any suggestions? THANKS

  37. sidthesk8erkid

    rad how do i do it
    i have homeWork i can only do on a mac

  38. thestorm024

    lol jk, though it will be in… 1952708576594870598460489 hours… that’s how much it takes to download 6gb… aw :(

  39. thestorm024

    guess what? $700 (AUD) for a laptop higher power than a macbook, running the AOS with boot camp = my laptop!!!
    im guessing my mac user friends are gonna kill me now for spending a quater of the price for something better than they have now :D

  40. TheGorgoth420

    hey i have a amd dv9000 i have been tryin for weeks to get ideneb 10.5.5 on for weeks i have alot distros so if any1 has installed on a amd dv9000 id appreciate all the help u could offer

  41. Mii2626

    thumbs up for the disco song

  42. Florent1996ful

    i have a g6 laptop i3 can i install and work wifi ,sound(my english is bad

  43. casedilla333

    thats my exact laptop, i have been trying to get hackintosh for soo long, i hope this works

  44. CreezerDesigns

    Does this work for a hp 530 ??

  45. stickflip723

    if i did this, and then i went out and bought some high end program like final cut pro, would it run on here?

  46. brenden109630

    OS X == Awesome :) 

  47. jasondanielpruitt

    Where did you get the drivers?! How did you find them? I’m running a HP Pavilion 2550se and can’t find network / webcam drivers. Thanks!

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