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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (Final Cut)

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is the third installment in Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist film series. The film was launched for free on the Internet starting January 26, 2011.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Правнучки врача Пушкина решили спасти поэта антибиотиками
"Вести. Дежурная часть": 10 лет в эфире · Передача "Вести. Дежурная часть" отметила юбилей. Вот уже 10 лет программа предлагает зрителям материалы, в которых сочетается новостная и правовая тематика, а самые важные и интересные события преподносятся сквозь призму …
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  1. Crystal Anastasia

    So DAMn TRUE..SMDH «( -_ — )»

  2. elbowbiter1

    «Their» greed, whom ever the «they» are, is only as strong is our individual complicity in fulfilling their greed game. «reject the system dictating the norms» and you will find the transition is just like the ending of this film. A ast majority walking away from a corrupt system to the point where those that want to play the greed game can no longer do so. They will have no troops to send and thus their politicians will be bootless. Their fortunes will dry up and then they’ll come home.

  3. Shannmeister

    Possessions are only ever temporary and they will never say «I love you».

  4. Sottti

    I think Zeitgeist Addendum is THE masterpiece.

  5. strikkmoez

    This is a damn masterpiece. Best film I have ever seen…though I felt the ending was impossibly optimistic. I envision and ending where we all perish, personally. Their greed is too strong to allow for reason. Still, this is a magnificent work.

  6. TheDianabolMan

    @topcityres Not sure if serious?

  7. SouguruLee

    Hay algun documental de zeitgeist sobre los ovnis?

  8. fgre3456

    The gray haired fellow who has an agenda, is purposely twisting what Adam Smith wrote. The invisible hand of the market doesn’t mean that, the system is «As God». Also during hard times- famines, women’s body’s, if not being well nourished will not concieve , if they do they often have spontaneous miscarriages, thats what is meant by — the scantiness of subsistance of the poors production. So of course any speices will miscarry or have a still born if she’s not getting enough nutrition.

  9. topcityres

    Imagine that. People that believe in GOD are the least violent groups in history.

  10. Sottti

    No sé si sabes que estar es la tercera parte de una serie de documentales. La primera (Zeitgeist) y la segunda (Zeitgeist: Addendum) las tienes también disponibles junto a estes.

  11. erpsystemas

    Muy buena info, conceras la verdad y la verdad te hara libre.

  12. templar170977


  13. yosikayosikakurighar

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  15. mariabarcenas520

    Vídeos aricle18 609 more proof vídeos game. Sex

  16. flashshadez01

    Why is everyone hating on this book?

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